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Game Lantern

MAGIC LANTERN game system

The Game Lantern is a tabletop game system crafted from wood, paper and a single LED light.
 Patterns of light and shadow cast by the patent-pending lantern create ethereal game boards for a magical play experience.

The Game Lantern is being made by Paul Warne, a Montreal artist and game designer.

Early Prototype of the Game Lantern

Early Prototype of the Game Lantern

an ancient kind of game console

Similar to a videogame console, a variety of games for all ages will be available to load and play on your Game Lantern system.

Each game will include its own lantern panels and game pieces. To load a game into your Game Lantern you simply slide in the game's panels into the four sides of the lantern.

Each game is being developed specifically for the Game Lantern and will feature new play mechanics unique to the lantern's use of light and shadow.

SAMSARA - escape the dream cycle

Samsara is the first title to be released for the Game Lantern and is included with your purchase of a Game Lantern system.

It is a cooperative divination game for 1-4 players (ages 5+) mixing strategy, chance, and the unconscious mind. 

In Samsara you will journey into the realm of dreams, strategize with fellow agents, free sleeping spirits trapped in their own nightmares, and protect our world from a dark poison spreading across the realms.

" Ouija meets Castle Panic..."

 In exchange for assistance freeing them from a rotating maze of shadowy delusion, the rescued spirits deliver messages to the players from across the far reaches of the subliminal. 
What message will the dream spirits deliver to you?